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Welcome and Introduction

Cherished Things is an estate sale and an estate assistance company.  I created this company to help families and individuals that need to reduce or liquidate an estate due to downsizing or an inheritance.  An estate sale is NOT a garage sale.  An estate sale is structured to maximize return from the sale of the items in an estate.  Garage sales are designed primarily to liquidate items.  At Cherished Things, I focus on getting as close to retail as possible while also reducing the inventory.  An auction may be considered but the seller/executor needs to realize that the items will be sold to the highest bidder. I have personally witnessed and spoken with executors who have seen keepsakes and cherished parts of their family history sold at pennies on the dollar.

With Cherished Things, you will be in control of the entire experience.  I ask that you do not throw anything away.  You will be in charge of what goes into the sale and what is held out.  You will have the option to set reserve prices on items.  You will NOT have any out of pocket expenses.  The analysis of the estate is free.  The contract that will be between us is in plain english and simply laid out.  There will be no surprises.

Most sales will last a minimum of 2 days with larger sales lasting up to 4.  I will handle all aspects of the sale including Organization, Set-up, Pricing, Research for Values on Items, Merchandising, Advertising, Bookkeeping, Security and Staffing during the sale, Credit and Debit Card fees, any required permits and sales tax.  These items are included in the flat commission of total sales.  Cherished Things operates on a commission only basis with no hidden fees, up front cost or content minimums.

There are no early sales.  A sale that is advertised to start at 9am will begin at 9am and will have all advertised items available when the doors are open.  I also limit the amount of customers that will be in the residence at any given time.  This allows for personal attention to the buyers as well as added security for your possessions.

When your sale is complete, I also offer a service of cataloguing and boxing up all remaining items for donation and delivery to the charity of your choice.  Also offered, a cleaning of the residence and making it ready to put on the market.  The cleaning service is a negotiated fee.  If you would like, I can place you in contact with reputable real estate agents.




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